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Lady Lior

This is where the Lior Effect begins!


Welcome to Atelier LIOR!

Welcome where your glow begins, your unique radiance!

At L'Atelier LIOR, we place the skin's needs at the heart of our method.

It's not about buying one more product or the trendy one.

But good to give the skin what it needs and not what we want.

This comes in:

- our consultations which reflect this holistic approach,

- our workshops which are personalized and always themed,

- our cosmetics which go straight to the point.

Does your skin have pimples, spots or lack of radiance?

You are in the right place !

Everything is done for your skin to be luminous

With your smile and our Lior Ritual, for sure you are the most beautiful ✨

Wondering where to start?

Our Halo Box is made for you

You can have it here with your special 10% discount with the code LIORLONDON 👇🏾





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